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TTPS Media Release: AI Integrated into TTPS Training Curriculum

TTPS introduces training for Using Generative Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence for Law Enforcement

“The integration of AI into our training curriculum represents a crucial step towards modernizing law enforcement practices in Trinidad and Tobago. By equipping our officers with the necessary knowledge and skills, we will stay ahead of evolving challenges and ensure a safer, more secure future for all.”

This from Commissioner of Police, Erla Harewood-Christopher as she commented on the recent integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the TTPS’ training curriculum. The CoP added, “This initiative aligns with the strategic goals outlined in the TTPS Operating Plan 2024, specifically focusing on Information and Communications Technology, and underscores the organization’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced law enforcement practices”.
Under the framework of the TTPS Police Academy 2021 – 2024 Strategic/Operational Plan, targeted AI training has been incorporated into the academic agenda, providing officers with the essential skills and knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape of law enforcement.

Two interactive training sessions have been successfully conducted, focusing on different aspects of AI implementation.
Training Session 1: ‘Introduction to Using Generative Artificial Intelligence’, was held on March 20, 2024, with 25 members of the Police Academy staff, comprising both sworn and unsworn officers. This session delved into fundamental AI concepts, focusing on the utilization of generative AI language learning models. Participants explored potential criminal applications of AI and engaged in practical exercises demonstrating its use for commonplace policing tasks.

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While Training Session 2: ‘An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Law Enforcement’, took place on March 29, 2024, with an attentive audience of over 150 trainees.
This session provided a comprehensive overview of AI within law enforcement, emphasizing the benefits it offers to operational effectiveness. The session addressed concerns surrounding AI adoption, discussed its varied applications in policing, and examined potential criminal misuses. Practical exercises were also used to reinforce understanding and application.

Commenting on the new initiative, Provost Dr Simon Alexis stated, “Looking forward, the Police Academy plans to replicate similar training sessions throughout the TTPS, with a focus on expanding outreach efforts to eventually include the wider Caribbean region. This initiative underscores our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technologies to better serve and protect our communities”.

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