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EMA Wants Public Comments on Noise Pollution

EMA invites public feedback on amendments to Noise Pollution Rules

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) has called upon the public, including NGOs, businesses, and stakeholders, to provide written feedback on proposed amendments to the Noise Pollution Control Rules, 2001(NPCR).
This invitation, communicated through newspaper advertisements and social media platforms, follows a directive from the Planning and Development Minister under Section 51 of the Environmental Management Act. The EMA has compiled an administrative record accessible online and at designated locations, outlining the proposed changes and major environmental concerns, which primarily address escalating noise levels from various sources like Carnival, religious activities, and offshore operations. Specifically, the brief recommends distinguishing between different noise sources to facilitate more effective enforcement of the NPCR.
Notably, it suggests exempting the early morning Muslim call to prayer from NPCR regulations due to its religious significance and brief duration.

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